Dillon State Park Ohio

28 December 2022

K-1947 Dillon State Park

Road Trip POTA in Ohio

On the road again to see family in Virginia and North Carolina. We made our drive from Illinois to Virginia over two days and stopped at a cabin in Ohio at Dillon State Park. We stayed at a cabin right in the park and it was much nicer than I was expecting from a state park cabin.

A Quick Activation

I expected this to be a quick activation in the morning. First thing started out with some coffee in the new portable AeroPress I got for Christmas. Our cabin was on the side of a hill and nowhere near the top so my expectations were minimal. How wrong I would turn out to be.

Also for Christmas I got an arborists throw line and storage bag so I thought I would give it a try. It’s hard to tell in the photo but the 84′ line goes over a limb and back down to the tree to the right of it. I laid the 17′ counterpoise across the deck. Yet again, minimal expectations.

Log Error

If you look at the first photo you’ll see that I transposed the numbers on the log. I did the same when setting the activation on Luckly I noticed before it caused any problems.

Not shown on the map are the two from the Azores and one from Finland! This was hands down one of the busiest activations I’ve ever done. It was a small pileup the entire time. Sorry if you didn’t make it in but we ran out of coffee, we still had 6 hours of driving, and the wife was ready to get out of Ohio! Not bad for 5w and a wire.

Off To the Next Stop

Wow what an unexpected activation! Really made a great start to a long drive. Thank you to all the hunters! Now off to DC for my next activation… I mean family visit 🙂

72 – Sean KK9U

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