Clinton State Park Kansas

23 November 2022

POTA K-2332


A Small Hike

I started this one off with a small hike because I wanted to activate on top of Sanders Hill Mound that overlooks the lake.

When I got to the top I found a very nice park bench that would be perfect for setting up at. It was unfortunately for me occupied by a couple having a very deep conversation. Not one to break up a lovers rendezvous I decided to continue down the trail to see if I could find another prime spot.

The beach front was nice, but cold and windy the day before Thanksgiving. I decided to head back to the parking lot and setup on one of the higher elevation park benches.

I setup with the 17′ vertical attached to a grill again. It’s been a great combo for me lately so why quit now?

The Operating Room

Not freezing but after coming back from Saudi Arabia it felt pretty cold to me. This Poncho is great for this kind of activity.

Snacks are key to a good activation

With 30 in the log I wrapped it up to go eat lunch and meet up with family.

72 – KK9U

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