Reifsnider State Forest

21 November 2022

K-4840 Reifsnider State Forest

New Key

This was a short trip to Kansas to visit my mom for Thanksgiving, but I still stopped to hit a park on the way. Just before I left I also got in the new “SP4 POTA/SOTA CW Morse Magnetic Iambic Double Paddle – Designed By N0SA” and sold by

I really like this key. I own a few N0SA keys and they are all FB dit and dah makers. I didn’t adjust this before heading out the door, and instead left the contacts fairly wide. I figured it would be a good backup to the the Begali Adventure Mono.

I might bring in the contacts at some point, but overall the key worked great. Very solid for a 3d printed key. They used a carbon fiber reinforced PETG for the print, so it should hold up well over time and not deform with heat.

The Park

Reifsnider State Forest is just a bit off of 70, but takes a bit to get to. The park road is gravel and there is a nice high spot near the entrance. Hunting season was in full effect when I got there. There is also a shooting range on the site.

I had to get back on the road and I was losing light fast so I decided to just setup out of the back of the truck bed. This was fine but my back was feeling it towards the end.

I used the 17′ telescoping element attached to a stake in the ground with 16.5′ radials tossed on the ground.

On the road again

I decided to hit the road at 18 in the log. The sun is down this time of year around 4 so I wanted to get out of the rural area and back onto the highway.

Were you in the log? I love trading paper so shoot me a card or a note and I’ll send a card your way!

72 – KK9U

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