Jordan Lake

16 November 2022

POTA K-3844

WWFF K-3844

North Carolina

Not my first activation in North Carolina and probably not the last. Jordan Lake is an easy drive from the Raleigh area, and a nice chance to get outside on this trip. My wife tagged along with her cousin and one of her kids. I guess everyone was pretty tired because they had planned on going on a hike but all ended up falling asleep on the beach. The cousin came over and checked out what I was doing, and I felt bad because it’s still pretty hard for me to dit and dah while holding on a conversation. In the end I think everyone had a good time and we got out of there before the sun went down.


I used the 17′ vertical clamped onto a nearby grill with four 16.5′ radials laid out casually. The SWR was great right off the bat! I paired this with the Elecraft KX2 and the Begali Adventure Mono.

On The Air

I ended with 21 contacts in 23 minutes. I didn’t want to stay too long and hold everyone else up. I know that watching me beep beep isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. It was still nice to get out for a bit and enjoy the nice day.

72 – KK9U

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