Anderson Powerpole Connectors

I’ve been using Anderson Powerpole 15/30/45Amp connectors for a while now, but recently I’ve really thrown them on everything. That left me with quite a few different kits and baggies of Powerpole parts laying around. The wife was getting rid of this organizer so I decided to put it to good use. I threw everything in and printed some labels.

I only use the real Anderson products now, but I’ve bought a few of the cheap Chinese kits off of Amazon in the past. I’m not just going to throw them out, so I added them with a label so I could remember which was which.

If you’re wondering if there is much of a difference between the two, there is. The Chinese kits have much cheaper plastic and that causes the bodies to pull apart a lot easier if you don’t glue them together. The connectors are of variable quality as well and tend to corrode sooner than expected. YMMV, but I’ll stick to the genuine Anderson parts for now.

-Sean KB0VER

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